Our Services for Mobile paintless dent removal in Wakefield, leeds and surrounding areas

We provide an excellent service for dent removal, we repair small, medium and large dents. for a better idea of the size of these dents, click on the relevent links below.


Below you will find the prices for each dent and how long each dent will take to repair.

Small dent

This is a small dent and is usually the size of a 5 pence piece to 10 pence. This size dent can be removed within 30mins. These are usually caused by door dings.

Prices from: £40 – £45 +VAT
should take approx: 30mins

Medium dent

This can be anything from a 50 pence piece to maybe the size of a golf ball. This size dent can usually be removed within 45mins – 60mins.

Prices from: £45 – £55 +VAT
should take approx: 45mins – 60mins

Large dent

The large dent can be anything from a tennis ball, to the size of a football. These are major dents and require more work. repair times can vary.

Prices from: £55 – £65 +VAT (dependent on type of dent and location)
should take approx: repair times can vary

We also provide cosmetic repairs such as bumper scuffs, scratches and alloy wheels repairs

We also offer a cosmetic repairs to bumper scuffs, alloy wheel damage, leather repairs etc. with a wealth of experience and 20 years paint and bodyshop background please contact, Stevie at paint-tec on 07967458324

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